Progettare – Realizzare – Manutenere – Gestire


The entire process chain is generated within Expert technicians design integrated solutions. Our services extend to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, performed with personalized programs.

Civil works - Renovation, restorative and preventive measures of public and private offices.

Air conditioning systems - Made with innovative equipment with energy-efficient technologies which ensuring high performance without waste.

Heating systems - High efficiency, district heating and condensing systems with more than 100% returns. Systems that meet the new standards of eco-sustainability.

Electrical systems - Civil and industrial, cabins Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, general electrical panels with remote control and self-diagnosis. Digital cable systems. Energy and electronics combined to modern and smart buildings.

Telephone systems - Digital switchboards, tracking systems and continuous control usage. Automatically checks the best function process.

Data transmission - LAN, Wifi, digital cabling and the latest router, self-defense systems from hacker attacks and hierarchical levels of management and control.

Renewable energy - Cogeneration, trigeneration, geothermal, solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind, applied in the public and private sectors.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance - 24h service. Ready at all times to intervene to plants emergencies. Remote control and remote management services.

Real estate management - An internal structure dedicated to the management of the properties. Our experience contains costs and increases the profitability of real estate.

Management Consulting - Support and preparation of documents, certificates and appraisals.

Video surveillance - Control and monitoring of important historical complex, monumental and real estate. Innovative systems of alarm monitored 24 hours a day and reporting system.

Security Systems - Design of security systems with intermediate levels of analysis. plays these and other personalized services that fit to any need. Our experience and knowledge of modern technologies make a reliable and experienced partner.Our achievements speak for us and show the constant quest to achieve technological innovation, ensuring our customers the security of their investment.

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